Introducing Growing Pains

What I plan to write about and share every week or so

I love newsletters. I use a dedicated account to subscribe to some great ones and read over half the posts every week. They are a fabulous way to get to know someone interesting and get a direct, unimpeded view into their mind.

From what I can tell, the author benefits even more. Regular writing creates clarity of thought and allows you to have conversations at scale with thousands of brilliant people all over the world.

While my website will feature a few evergreen, highly researched posts on SaaS, this newsletter is dedicated to the following topics:

  1. What I learnt from helping scale Amplitude

    I wore a lot of different hats at Amplitude over 2016-2020, including product management, fundraising, product marketing, GTM strategy, content, growth, analytics, field, brand and sales. More importantly, I met hundreds of incredible leaders from different walks of life and was lucky to learn as much as most people do in a lifetime about scaling tech companies. I want to share my learnings both from old conversations and new.

  2. How venture really works

    Venture is a strange industry with an aura of secrecy and not a lot of people that look like me in it. Having now been a part of 3 different venture funds with very different cultures across the globe, I want to demystify how VC works and make it more approachable to everyone in tech, particularly those who feel like outsiders.

  3. What I’m thinking about each week

    Books I’m reading, podcasts that were actually good, awesome people I have met, ideas I’m researching or just some new tech I am obsessed with - if it’s a highlight, you hear about it.

Not everyone likes getting more email so if you prefer doomscrolling - keep an eye out for my posts on Twitter and Linkedin.